With the mission of creating a world-class and sympathetic playing field, to improve the skills and honor the tattoo industry, Vietnam Tattoo Convention was born to serve that ideal. As a professional playground, the awareness of each participant will contribute to the event taking place in its entirety.

  • The event upholds the spirit of community exchange. Each individual should be aware of words and deeds. Do not behave aggressively affecting the collective.
  • To ensure safety and professionalism, the event will apply security checks to all attendees. BANNED FROM INTO THE Event Area: knives, sharp objects that can cause damage, flammable substances, irritants, etc.
  • Keep counters and common areas hygienic. No smoking, spitting, littering in participating areas.
  • Each counter should protect its own belongings and expensive items. BTC will not be liable if loss or damage occurs.
  • Please keep the common sense, do not make noise, play music too loud to affect the neighboring counters, ban the use of high-power speakers at the counter.
  • The counters can display and trade their artwork. Prohibiting activities of trading tattoo tools and equipment in the area of ​​the contest booths.
  • Keep an eye on the announcement of the BTC, you may miss important issues.
  • For force majeure cases: Events may be delayed due to objective and force majeure causes such as natural disasters, wars, national policies, disaster city decisions, strikes, and social unrest. meeting … etc. leading to the inability to hold an event. All service costs, booking costs, rental of accessories for the paid event will not be refunded at this time.
  • The decision of the BTC is final. Any individual who violates the Regulations will be disqualified and prohibited from participating in the next times.
  • Any questions or complaints please contact the BTC information desk directly. BTC will try to solve it immediately for you. The case after BTC absolutely not resolved.

  • Do not copy any other artist’s work.
  • All models must be over the age of 18, we will not address any exceptions.
  • Register to participate in your own work, do not register for other artists.
  • For works of the day (Best of the Day), no scanned, tattooed or partially tattooed at home. All stages must be done at the event and are only allowed to start with notice from the BTC.
  • If the number of entries is not enough, we will combine color and black and white categories into the same category.
  • A booth when participating in the contest must register in advance with the BTC.
  • Do not accept any works that go against Vietnamese customs and traditions.
  • The winning work will be officially announced. However, if a violation of the rules is found, we will revoke the award and announce cancellation of the award for the infringing work.
  • Model body (beautiful and harmonious): always leaves a good impression on the examiners.
  • Clean tattoo: Works when planned should be taken care of cleanliness (no blood, tissue water, redness …)
  • Image layout: A work with a harmonious composition with a body is always appreciated.
  • Technique: The highest evaluation criteria of the jury for the work.
  • Satisfaction level of the model: This criteria indicates the ability of the artist to express the idea of ​​satisfaction with the criteria given by the customer.

The floor score is the criteria an artist must overcome to participate in the competition. This criterion is to ensure there is no poor quality work that wins because that category has too few artists.
This score is given by the Jury based on artist quality in Vietnam. The floor score will be flexibly changed accordingly and enhance the balance between the efforts of the artists participating in that category.
If there is no work that passes the floor score, then it is decided that no one will win.
Some cases may occur:
Case 1: the floor score of that item is 60 points but the artist with the highest score is 59 points, the item will be decided without a winner.
Case 2: The floor score of that item is 70 points but only 1 artist has the highest score of 75 points, that artist will win First Prize, Second Prize and Third Prize will have no winner.
Case 3: if all the artists participating in the category pass the floor, the three people with the highest scores will take the first, second and third prizes respectively.
Note: The floor score criteria do not apply to Best Of The Best and Best Of The Show categories.

Terms and regulations are subject to change without notice.